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DIRTY GLOSS is a digitial package of original music, art, videos, and content by Jase Harley. New music and inspiration is published weekly for subscribers!

-New Monthly Playlist including Bad Karaoke, Subway Series, and Bass Camp!
-Get access to download Jase Harley's entire catalogue and the American Heathen trilogy!
-View original video content, delivered right to your email several times a week.
-Get free downloads like album art, read articles and podcasts. Topics focus on cultural activism, artistic expression, and creative independence.
-20% subscriber discount on exclusive merchandise in our shop, such as digital prints, fashion and more!

Tune into the movement of high-end hip-hop; a quality blend of art and sound. Get all new music releases, subscriber-only specials, and exclusive access to great content. Updates will be released weekly so subscribe now!

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Jase Harley
Jase Harley is a rapper, music producer, pianist and graphic artist.

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